Rick Grimes is one bad ass mother fucker. 

Guys, how I met your mother is getting real dark. I love it and I hate it. I keep looking up more theories and getting deeper into a sadness that according to how the finale is sounding, might never fade away.


im a putlocker man at heart but sometimes you just gotta settle for gorillavid

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Chris Pine #34

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hey u know its weird that ur thinking voice doesnt make a sound but it kinda feels like it does

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just curious why are these kids trick-or-treating in a fucking unlit parking lot??

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I made a joke at dinner yesterday. We were discussing dry cleaning (yes, we are an interesting bunch) and how much we hate it and I said “but it’s easy to launder your money there!” 

Nobody knows what the future holds
Said It’s bad enough just getting old
Live my life, they say it’s too fast. I love the past, ‘cause I hate suspense…

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